Ms Benichou has been playing music since she was just 2 years old. Playing on a tiny violin, she started learning with the Suzuki Method. As a teenager, Ms Benichou began teaching other young players in her hometown, and has not stopped since. She is trained in the basic levels of the Suzuki Method and holds Music Performance and Pedagogy degrees from the University of Michigan and Northwestern University.

Also a professional violist, Ms Benichou performs regularly with several local orchestras including the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra, the Maryland Symphony Orchestra, the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. She enjoys many other types of music as well and has tried a bit of Bluegrass, Arabic violin and has recorded with a local hip-hop artist.

In lessons, Ms Benichou focuses on posture as a basis for success in all areas of technique. She enjoys helping students learn to develop good tone and solve problems on their own.

Ms Benichou teaches in her home. Please be aware that there are other people and pets living there as well!